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Quality Metal Roof and Pole Barn Construction

At NM Builders in Mooreland, Indiana, we do everything from installing metal roofs and pole barns, to residential home remodeling projects. All services are performed by experienced and professional builders. Customers enjoy working with us because, typically, the person who provides the estimate often also does some of the work. Fostering close business relationships built on trust is something we don't take for granted. Additionally, we perform all services ourselves and never send out a third party.

Metal Roofing Services

Our services include metal roof repairs, demolitions, and new installations. With new installations and repairs, we provide any repair services to the roof sheeting and foundation. Looking for a particular color for your metal roof? We have access to 20 different colors. All repairs, installations, and paint come with a 40-year warranty.

Pole Barn Construction

Our pole barn services include everything from building the foundation to making all manner of repairs. After initial evaluations, we provide blueprints of the type of pole barn you want created. When we are constructing new pole barns, we also prep the pad for the barn. Our 29-gauge metal comes with a 40-year warranty.


Pole Barn Benefits

When you have a pole barn built, it saves you money because it eliminates the need for additional posts. Truss spacing is done every 4 ft., which makes for simpler barn ceiling installations.

Home Remodeling Services

We provide an array of different home remodeling services. Give us a call for more details and to get an estimate.